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CtrlShift is an asymmetrical 2-player coop VR game for the HTC Vive. One player wears the VR headset and plays the role of the Spy, physically sneaking through the environment. The other player uses keyboard input and a command line interface to play the role of the Hacker, typing in commands to hack the environment in the favor of their Spy. Each player has an incomplete view of the environment, so communication and trust is key.  We're proud to present our Demo release of CtrlShift.

NOTE: Game will play best on monitors of 1920x1080 resolution or larger.

Install instructions

Just unzip the folder and run HIVE.exe.  At this point, the game will automatically open on both the computer monitor (the Hacker interface) and the HTC Vive (the Spy’s first person view). Game will play best on monitors of 1920x1080 resolution or larger.

Sound setup: 
Your computer will default to the Vive’s headphone jack as its output method, but shared sound is integral to the experience of CtrlShift,  so be please follow these steps to ensure that audio output comes out of your computer speakers:

1. Right-click on the speaker icon in the bottom right of your Windows Taskbar.
2. Click on “Playback Devices”, find your standard computer speakers in the list of output devices.
3. Right-click on your computer speakers, click “Set As Default Device”.


CtrlShift Demo.zip 389 MB


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I really enjoy the co-op aspect of this game. VERY fun. I was also impressed with the accuracy of the access point "star" throwing. Throwing is usually off on WMR devices, but it worked fine.

My only real gripe was after completing the mainframe hack. It was immediately obvious what needed to be done, and I only have a few seconds before being spotted and losing the game. This was the first time there was no "countdown" to the amount of time you were truly "spotted". It was pretty frustrating to get that far only to be confused as to what to do, fail, then get sent ALL the way back to the beginning. At most, the player should be sent back maybe one room.

Beyond that one complaint, I think it's a great game and should definitely be fully developed and released on Steam. I'd pay for it.


Yo i played this game and it's really fun. I really hope development continues on this thing and that it gets popular