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When I launch the game, the hacker display is scaling too large for my screen, how do I fix this?

Read the description... It says clearly "NOTE: Game will play best on monitors of 1920x1080 resolution or larger." So the fix is pretty much get a 1920x1080 monitor.

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My windows settings say something about being 1920x1080, but being set to scale 125%, would that have anything to do with it?

compatible with rift s?

Please make turning option on controllers

Is the game compatible with the Oculus Rift S?

Does this work on wmr (windows mixed reality) headsets I have a Samsung oddesey plus and I really want to play this

On the Index + Knuckles Controllers the hands are switched. My left hand is the right ingame hand. Anyway to fix that?

impossible de jouer prcq pas moyen de mettre un point

<font style = "vertical-align: inherit;"> <font style = "vertical-align: inherit;"> impossible de jouer car impossible de mettre un point </ font> </ font>

I found the solution : switch to qwerty then use the / button to make a dot.

bha ouais mais c'est chiant de jouer en qwerty

Dude, I can't download it. I don't have the permission. Do I need to pay or something?

'Forbidden' or 'Failed - Forbidden'

I'm getting the same issue. I really want to play this with my sister, but it says "Insufficient Permissions" when it finishes downloading.

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Okay, I got it to download, but when I run HIVE.exe, it gives me this error

Couldn't start:
CreateProcess() returned 2.

Ok, I fixed this a while ago, sorry for the super late response. When I posted this, I was using the website however when I downloaded the itch program then it worked. Try doing this instead. Download this:


Is the full game still being developed?

Any online coop, or way to do so?

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I really want to play this, but am unable to because when I select the Window for the PC user to input text, the VR render massively cuts down its GPU usage from 50% to 10% causing unplayable lag. If anyone has advice on how to remedy this I would appreciate it. (the game runs fine in VR if the Desktop players tab is minimized.)

GTX 970
Windows 10
970 Evo 2TB


Does this work on the Oculus Rift?

it should work for all VR platforms

I really enjoy the co-op aspect of this game. VERY fun. I was also impressed with the accuracy of the access point "star" throwing. Throwing is usually off on WMR devices, but it worked fine.

My only real gripe was after completing the mainframe hack. It was immediately obvious what needed to be done, and I only have a few seconds before being spotted and losing the game. This was the first time there was no "countdown" to the amount of time you were truly "spotted". It was pretty frustrating to get that far only to be confused as to what to do, fail, then get sent ALL the way back to the beginning. At most, the player should be sent back maybe one room.

Beyond that one complaint, I think it's a great game and should definitely be fully developed and released on Steam. I'd pay for it.


Yo i played this game and it's really fun. I really hope development continues on this thing and that it gets popular